Episode 86

#BigPoppaBump is going to Wrestlemania!

  • We will be introducing some of our judges for our big 4/20 show! Time is ticking we’re going to talk more about the 4/20 show, the contest, and our judges tonight
  • The Scott is going to wrestlemania this weekend! What does Big Poppa Bump have in store for this trip coming off a huge win on WWE’s own show “The Bump” as their stump the bump champion?
  • Tonight we’re going to be talking weird laws around the country! You’ll be able to call in and tell us where you live and we’ll tell you weird laws you might not know about from your home state! Or maybe you have a law for us we don’t know about? It’s gonna be wild!
  • Peezy is officially out of TIKTOK jail! In celebration of this i’m releasing a brand new song exclusively right there tonight!

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Peezy, the self titled "CT's own Get High Rapper" is just that! Starting from scratch Peezy has hustled his way up getting a local buzz in CT. Peezy is now in rotation with a handful of tracks on Hot 93.7, has been opening for major artists all over new england, and is a well known artist who refuses to be on the back burner. Also a graduate of CT School of Broadcasting, he spent numerous years working in radio at clear channel with some of their top On-Air talent. With a dream to have his own morning radio show one day; Peezy decided to take matters into his own hands and start his own show. Partnering with cohost Frank Knox and eventually The Scott, the trio are taking the world of podcasting by storm with their unique and outrageous show you won't find anywhere else!